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Christian Cafe Review

Giving Christians a place to find friendship and love.

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ChristianCafe is another niche-server in the dating-site arena. However, the word Christian is not just a moniker. Every facet of the site has been carefully designed to support Christian beliefs and values. Even posted prayers are carefully screened for inappropriate content, and for political or theological views that would prevent a diverse reception among its members.

This type of monitoring is well-received at Christian Cafe. When it is coupled with their determination to protect their member’s anonymity, and their careful screening of potential clients through an extensive questionnaire, members tend to feel comfortable here and to spend a great deal of time in one another’s company.

- Full-featured trial membership
- Easily navigate site
- Carefully-monitored questionnaire process
- Hands-on site moderation
- Membership is friendly and helpful
- Community supports Christian values and ideals
- Large membership

- Can be time consuming to locate friends

The free profile at Christian Cafe during the trial period  allows you to experience everything available on the site. While the original trial only lasts ten days, an additional five days can be obtained for every friend you refer. The full subscription membership for Christian Cafe is paid monthly It is less expensive than nearly any competitor when paid yearly.

Christian Cafe is not at all short on features. There is the usual
- Email
- Online indicator
- IM/Chat
- Chatrooms monitored by a host, topics include parenting, forgiveness and other Christian-friendly topics
- On-site search
- Support articles

While many sites have labeled themselves “Christian,” believing perhaps that separating these individuals into their own special club would be the only step necessary for success, Christian Cafe has specifically addressed the unique way this group of people commune with one another. The result is a large and loyal membership. Couples who have met and married via Christian Cafe remain there among friends. Consumers offer very detailed reviews over numerous websites, that consistently reflect this sentiment.

Common Misspellings
Christianity Cafe, Christhen Cafe, Christen Cafe

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the1:  sounds like the real deal...has anyone joined this site?

idamae:  I love his site and what it stands for. try the trial and you'll get the full experience

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