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Catholic Match Review

A Catholic dating site for those looking for a love-connection.

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BACKGROUND is a dating web site for those of the Catholic faith that want to meet someone through online dating. The purpose of this web site is to not only help you find love but to allow you to find someone that will help you grow in your faith as well. You can take a free test that rates your temperament and aids in finding you more compatible matches. The relationships you will find through the site put faith first and do not base your matches on any type of formula. Unlike some other web sites that market to members of the Catholic Church, Catholic Match is faithful to the Catholic Church teachings. This site provides an environment that is great for making a successful marriage. Some of the major complaints of other dating sites are that it is difficult to tell what a members' faith is if anything. Through Catholic Match you will know that those you are meeting and communicating with have the same faith values that you do. There are several success stories featured on the web site and members seem to have lots of good things to say about having faithful singles to interact with.

- Offers a place for faithful Catholic singles to meet
- Matches made based on faith and not special formulas
- Several success stories
- Temperament Test and Quiztique is offered for members to get to know themselves and other members
- Site upholds the values of the Catholic Church
- Marriage and family are the focus of the site
- Offers dating and safety tips
- Payment information easily accessible


- Targeted at Catholics only
- Not a site for those wanting a casual date
- No free membership available

- Profile questions: allows other members a snap shot of your personality
- Quiztique personal interview: create up to 20 questions that you want potential matches to answer; these can be funny or serious questions
- Message forums: all forums are initiated by the members and allow talking to each other in real time
- Set match criteria: decide on what you want your potential match to be like and sort through members that meet those criteria
- In-line chat: initiate a conversation with a member and talk to them in real time


- $12.49/mo. for six months: billed in one payment of $74.95
- $16.65/mo. for three months: billed in one payment of $49.95
- $24.95/mo. billed monthly


For those singles that want to be sure they are going to be matched with someone of the same faith, will be a great resource. Through this dating site, you can be sure that the other members have the same focus that you do and are looking towards a relationship leading to marriage. Unfortunately you do have to pay for membership to Catholic Match, but you may find when comparing to other dating sites, you don't have to look so hard for a potential mate. 

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Review Comments

Bilbo Baggins:  An OK site, but with little respect for customers. If one of the other users doesn't like you, it's very possible that they will contact the admin and have your access suspended, with no refund! Tread careful

Unhappy CM customer:  This is a terrible site. Administration boots members without good reason, only the word of another member that disagrees with you in the forums. Rude administration, poor customer service, clueless moderators.

jj:  I would NOT recommend signing up for this website. I was a customer for 2 years before they arbitrarily booted me off without warning. When I finally got a hold of the owner he was EXTREMELY self-righteous and rude to me.

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