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SpeedDate Review

Find a date in three minutes or less.

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BACKGROUND is a new phenomenon in dating. You’ve heard of speed dating in person, and seen it on TV, but takes speed dating to the internet. There are no endless questionnaires to fill out and no long profiles to set up. This site really is all about speed. You can go on as many of the three minute dates as you like and vote for the people you like. You can get to know those that you match votes with. From there, you can decide how to make the next move with your potential dates. Simple and quick is the way to go with

- Quickly find people you’re interested in
- No long profile to set up
- No long questionnaires to fill out
- Special events in some cities
- Meet through voice, video and instant messaging
- Chat with your matches and decide when you’re ready for real dates
- Join for free

- No cost information given prior to signup
- Must signup for entry into site

- Blog
- Nightly events online
- Dates using your webcam

- No pricing info given prior to signup
- Joining is free

When you want to meet someone, but don’t have a lot of time, Speed Dating might be just what you need. brings the dates right into your living room in front of your computer screen. Don’t waste time going to bars looking for a date. Chat with someone for three minutes and move on using There’s no need to spend a lot of time creating a profile or filling out a long questionnaire. With, you give some short, general info to sign up and let the dating begin.

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Review Comments

charity:  so I know joining is free, but can you actually do the dates for free?

bob:  online speed dating? are there lots of of members or would I be better doing this in person?

adam:  the site is bull %%%%, nothing you pay 24$ a month for is going to have alot of users, go with and

tony:  i just signed up not paying yet just to see the girls. There are some in my area but def not class A

Unhappywithservice:  Joining is free..The scam is that it costs $3.95 a month to post a pic..Also, it's at least $15.95 a month if you want to contact people..Otherwise, you can just look at other people's pix..I used the site only one day, decided it wasn't worth $20 a month but am still getting billed $3.95 even though I've canceled in October..Save your $$$.>Try a legitimately free site like

Scammed: is a SCAM. You give your credit card information $0.99/month identity verification, and it comes back and tells you you just subscribed for 12-month $191 subscription, and by the way no refunds. Customer service does not budge from the no refunds policy. I've had to get the Better Business Bureau of San Francisco and my bank involved.

Vic:  i found online speed dating -

andre :  thankyou for the warning

ali:  salam

Dax:  THEY ARE THEIVES!! BEWARE!! I joined for 40$ and then I logged on, they say hey, you have some ladies who would like to meet you. I was like great!! I clicked on one of them, then a message comes up.... in order to communicate, you'll have to pay 10$ more! I was like WTF? Are you kidding me? You wait till I pay 40$ and then once I'm suckered in, you say oh wait.. that's going to cost you more! I was a member for no more than 15 min, I canceled, which thier site did not register later, I called my CC and put a stop payment, but because they have a 'NO REFUND' policy, I can't do anything. Well.. I'm reporting them to the Better Business Buearo and will sue their A$$ is if have have a chance, I appologize for the 'language' but these folks are theives... beware! PS. I've tryed most, and I like by far the best. It costs a little more, but the value that isn't apparent is actually there... No I don't work for them, just letting my fellow American no where a good deal is... have fun! Dax

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