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One Great Match Review

An online dating site for serious, mature singles.

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It seems that everywhere you turn, there are commercials showing couples that have had success with online dating services. If you have ever been part of the group of people that is single but looking for their ideal mate, you’ve no doubt wondered if the services work, or maybe even tried a few of them. Several people have voiced frustrations with dating sites because of their lack of serious members. It can be difficult to find someone that you can relate to, and even after finding that person, there’s no guarantee that they are who they claim to be. When the option is there to embellish the truth, some people become the person they want to be and hide behind a screen name rather than always giving truthful information.

There is a dating site that offers you peace of mind and guaranteed honesty. That site is One Great Match meets with each member personally in their office to verify that members are being completely honest. And you can have the satisfaction of knowing that personal meeting takes place before you are granted access to other members. Another great quality of One Great Match is that the members are mature. It can be frustrating having to search through people that are interested in casual dating when you desire a serious relationship. One Great Match is actually an alternative to online dating. All applicants are thoroughly screened so you can confidently trust One Great Match to help you find the mate you are looking for.
- All applicants are verified and screened
- Alternative to online dating
- Members are mature and successful looking for serious relationships
- 100% secure and confidential services

- Not much information available prior to being contacted directly
- Must be at least 21 to be considered

Due to One Great Match being an alternative to online dating, there are no features outlined. One Great Match does however showcase the fact that all members are authenticated prior to being granted membership and all members are mature seeking serious relationships.

The costs of the One Great Match services are not disclosed in advance. There is an information questionnaire that you fill out and submit. Once you are contacted by someone directly, cost information will be given.

One Great Match is a service you can trust to give accurate matches according to the type of relationship you are looking for. Members of One Great Match are mature, successful and looking for serious relationships rather than just casual dating. One Great Match is an alternative to online dating, and can help you sort through the clutter to find the person of your dreams. One Great Match takes the time to verify that its members are honest in the way they present themselves to other members. You don’t have to worry about fake pictures or inaccurate profiles. With One Great Match, the proof is in the title. Fill out the questionnaire and you’ll be on your way to finding the great match that’s waiting for you. 

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