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Match Review

Find true love from one of the largest dating sites on the Web.

6 month guarantee - Apply Now!

BACKGROUND touts the highest number subscribers for its type of dating site in the world, with hundreds of thousands of members finding love. It has a history of more than ten years. Suffice it to say is doing something very right. They estimate that over a million relationships have developed over the years, although they can’t be certain, because not everyone reports back to them. Nonetheless, they currently have more than 20 million members. That’s a lot of portraits to sort through! That’s why they have “criteria tools” that help you narrow your search. You can hone in on common interests, physical attributes, age, location and so forth. has even made it a point to filter in some cultural precursors to courtship, that are crucial to the dating process in foreign countries.

In order to remain as current as possible with regard to relationship advice, has brought Dr. Phil on board. You can learn about dating by taking the three-part program he designed especially for them. is continually evolving to provide its customers the most valuable dating service on the Web. Recent additions include:
- Platinum Service. will provide you a personal attendant to sort through the many profiles for you and only forward those most appropriate for you. Other introductions include
- MatchMyFriends. Now your friends can set you up online just as they would in person.

- Leader in the industry
- Hundreds of thousands of customers
- Continually update your search criteria
-  Support personnel who will help you tackle issues you may not understand
- Personality quizzes so you can understand yourself and potential partners
- MatchMyFriends
- Reasonably priced and guaranteed service

- Can be time consuming to search that many profiles

- Create a portrait, or profile, to help other members find you
- Protected identity
- Narrow search by race, religion and other criteria important to you
- Mobile phone capability

EXPENSE is quite affordable for most budgets. Subscriptions cost $15-$35 and is payable in a one-month, 3-month, 6-month or yearly plan. You can also take advantage of the guarantee- which promises you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll find love in six months, or the next six months are on them.

As the leader in Web dating, can help you find your true love through hundreds of thousands of other singles. The task isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t as daunting as it sounds. will guide you in creating your profile and fine-tuning your search criteria so that only the most relevant love interests are presented. You can even enlist dating and love advice from the infamous Dr. Phil as part of your membership. This online dating service is affordable and even comes with a guarantee.

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Review Comments

Ginny: really strikes me as one of the better date sites. Kinda nervous about joining one of thsee, but i think i'd be comfortable here. anyone using it? Tips? Advice?

desicher:  the guarantee and fact that is so large. has anyone actually used them and what success have you had?

singlemom:  there are so many profiles. it's like going to a buffet!

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