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Kisura Review

Making the online dating experience easier for everyone.

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When you’re looking for a love interest online, there are many sites to choose from. One of the sites you can use is or You can register through and travel to to find the love you’re looking for. allows you to search through their site for other singles in your area, and flirt online.

- Searches available around your ZIP code
- Free to search
- 100% money-back guarantee for paid membership

- Limited options for free membership
- No special features visible prior to paid membership

- Online dating community
- Search your local area
- Match your interests with other singles
- My email lets you communicate with potential matches
- Flirt casually online before making a big move

- One month: $24.95
- Three months: $19.95/mo. (billed in one payment of $59.85)
- Twelve months: $7.49/mo. (billed in one payment of $89.95)

For a dating web site, Kisura seems to be in line with other dating sites. Of course you can try the site for free first, which could help you decide if it’s what you are looking for. If you decide to go for a paid membership, you will enjoy more benefits and be well on your way to finding true love.

Common Misspellings
Kissura, Kisyura, Kizera, Kissera

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Review Comments

samantha:  Some cute guys on here

frank:  How are the ladies?

philly:  They actually have a ton of attractive folks on there. I was surprised. worht signing up for the free account that is for sure.

missy:  that's great that u can find people in your same town. i hate looking for dates online, find someone and they live a few states away.

Katelynn:  Super easy sign up!! Why do some sites make it so complicated!??!

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