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It's Just Lunch Review

A dating service for busy professionals.

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It's Just Lunch is a dating service for busy professionals. The web site offers a special service for first dates and is even a self-proclaimed First Date Specialist. They arrange lunch dates and after-work drinks for busy singles. The service takes care of making all the arrangements including the time and location of the meeting. When all is said and done, you simply show up to the restaurant to meet your date. All dates are discreet and take place in a no-pressure setting.

The company was started in 1991 and now service are available in more than 100 cities throughout the world with thousands of clients. There are success stories featured on the web site.

The It's Just Lunch web site offers details on how their process works. You simply attend an interview to determine what you’re looking for in a partner and what your interests are. Matches are made based on personality and physical requirements and a date is made once a match has been determined. After you meet and have your first date, you can choose to see your match again or not. It’s Just Lunch asks that you contact them with feedback from the match so that they can be even more precise on future matches.


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- It’s Just Lunch takes care of all arrangements
- No need to search through profiles on your own
- No-pressure first date over lunch or drinks
- Your matches will meet the requirements you give
- You choose if you want to see your match a second time or give them your contact info
- Dating tips available
- Success stories available including engagements and marriages
- Has received high praise from several news outlets


- Seems to be no real science behind how people are matched other than preference
- Could result in several first dates prior to finding a good match
- Service is only available in select cities
- Rumored to be very expensive


The It’s Just Lunch dating site is not like other dating sites. After you’ve talked to a director about what you’re looking for in a mate, you wait for a match to be made. There are no real online features because the customer isn’t using the web site to communicate with other users, the service does all the matchmaking for you.


The cost of It’s Just Lunch services are revealed after you’ve consulted with the directors. Unfortunately, there is no cost information available on the web site. There have been some complaints that the service costs more than $1,300 for one year, which can be much more expensive than other dating sites that are available.


It’s Just Lunch is a dating site that offers to do all the work for you. For those that don’t have time to search through online profiles or meet people on their own, It's Just Lunch will will take care of all the details for you. Your first date will be arranged by the service. All you have to do is show up, enjoy a casual lunch, and decide how to proceed. Your soul mate could be just one lunch date away.

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Get Started by Visiting the OFFICIAL It's Just Lunch Site

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Jenn:  check out consumer affairs complaints, BBB, and google Scam and lawsuit before giving them any money. Sure wish I did. Now I am a victim of their deplorable and deceptive business practices. Poor and still alone!

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