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Chemistry Review

The science behind your perfect love match.

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BACKGROUND is not just a dating site that emerged specifically to garner clients rejected by eHarmony. was founded on the principles outlined in Dr. Helen Fisher’s books. Dr. Fisher’s life’s work has been to discover things like “why love makes us go weak in the knees,” and “how our eyes signal trust.” contacted Dr. Fisher after they had been in business for some years and, upon mutually deciding that their philosophies were similar, they devised a partnership to create Dr. Fisher contributes heavily to the site, with articles and guides that help potential couples go beyond the get-acquainted stage to determine whether there is something between them that can develop into a long-lasting relationship. doesn’t just give you a profile test and send you subsequent matches with people who score similarly. They take things to the next step. When you receive an email from an interested party, each of you follows a carefully-orchestrated “Communications Process” that enables you to determine whether or not there is enough basis to move forward. Although you will still be sorting through potential matches, you are each assisted by tools that help move things along.

Furthermore, wants to know what went wrong when two seemingly compatible adults meet, the chemistry isn’t there! That means they don’t just drop you, your needs, or your opinions. You feel as if you belong to a community who is interested in what you have to say – and, you are.

The combined experience of and cover more than eleven years of success. In today’s fast-moving society with the savviest shoppers ever, that is longevity!  Success stories contribute to the popularity of and, if continues to attract clientele in the manner it has been, it promises to meet or break their record during the coming years. Furthermore, the test is fun – the feedback capability is respectful.

The client base is not as diverse as some of its competitors, but it is growing fast.

If you want to assess you must realize that it is a sister-site of In order to provide better services, has done extensive follow-up with clients who were both successful and non-successful finding a mate on their site. Due in part to their answers to these surveys, and their belief that they could make the dating process more fruitful, evolved. In addition to a personal “Chemistry Profile,” they assist corresponding matches through a guided process, rather than just a “click-on-my” picture to make contact, approach. This means that each party must graduate through several steps in order to remain viable to the other.’s ultimate aim is to facilitate in-person meetings, and every step of the way there is assistance. Should the meeting, or any step of the process, go awry, wants feedback.Why? Because they have found their niche – adults who want assistance through the process, who have tried and failed from their own methods and who want support. They can’t very well offer support if they haven’t a clue as to what went wrong.

As with most services, the first five matches are free. After that, it is between $20/$30 per month (which turns out to be quite a bit less than some of its competitors).

Common Misspellings,,,

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infoqueen:  There's not a more thorough review of this dating site anywhere on the net. Spot on with how this site works.

deepluvr:  good site. if you're looking for the right match, this is a great place to go

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