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Safe Date Review

Making online dating more secure.

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No Longer Available. 1/2009

In the world of online dating, it can be hard to know what’s real and what’s not. Many sites don’t offer verification for members and it can be dangerous to meet people when the only information you have is what they’ve provided in a profile. is a screening service that can help you sort through the many profiles you view, and find someone whose background matches what they’ve put in their on-screen profile. Safe Date is an added layer of security before you move from the Web to in-person.

- Ability to perform Basic SafeDate search with only first name, last name, city of residence and birthday
- They are not aware you did the background check
- Privacy upheld
- Volunteer for your own background check to become a SafeDater
- Cost and Comparison page
- Background check searches include national criminal sex offender databases
- Searches include subject’s current jurisdiction

- You must pay for background checks or request the subject pay for it
- Background checks on multiple persons can be expensive
- Must have all personal information on subject for search to be accurate

- Become a SafeDater
- Check Background
- Request a SafeDater
- Retrieve Background

- Basic SafeDate Certification: $29.95
- Comprehensive SafeDate Certification: $69.95
- Budget Background Check: $9.95
- Quick Background Check: $14.95
- Basic Background Check: $29.95
- Comprehensive Background Check: $69.95
- Search for a SafeDater: $4.95 if found

You can never be too careful when it comes to meeting people you’ve chatted with online. It helps to know if someone is being truthful before you get too involved. can help you find true love without any criminal surprises later on. Let SafeDate keep you secure and help you find the romance you’ve been looking for. If the person you’re conducting a search on has a criminal conviction, SafeDate will find the information and help keep you safe. It\'s better to be armed with the information beforehand rather than find out later.

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SafeDate, SafeDater, SafeDates, SafetyDate

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