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Right Man Report Review

A compatibility evaluation that gives you 15 keys to compatibility and lasting love.

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The Right Man Report by Carol Allen is a compatibility report that gives you 15 keys to compatibility and lasting love. Allen is an astrologer and relationship coach and has spent almost 20 years helping women find romantic fulfillment with men. Allen's work does not take part in pop astrology which is watered down and mass marketed astrology that is simplified in order to make money. Instead she balances astrology with real-world relationship advice. Some of the key elements of the Right Man Report include that it intersects astrology and relationship advice, it's not watered down or fake astrology, it specializes in ancient Indian Vedic Astrology and it shows you your compatibility based on your charts for an accurate assessment. Some of the keys to compatibility that are examined in the Right Man Report include respect, temperament, friendliness, instinctive compatibility, obstacles, misfortune, assertive pressure and others.

Using the Right Man Report, you can see if you and your mate are truly compatible and if your relationship will go the distance. This report will address the answers you've been looking for about your man. Most women are surprised by the level of detail contained within the report as well as the level of accuracy. This report will tell you if you are really compatible with a man, if your passion will last a lifetime and if your man will bring out your best character attributes.


- 15 keys of compatibility within one report
- Tells if you and your man are compatible
- Offers astrological results without being fake
- Extremely thorough analysis
- Find out if your passion will last a lifetime
- Learn what you can do to make things better in your relationship
- Direct insight into your love life
- Report is the equivalent of spending hundreds of dollars with an astrologer
- Free seven day trial offered
- One Month of Enlightenment Expert Interviews Free


- No use for those that aren't believers in astrology
- Targets women only


There are no features within this report other than it covers 15 areas of compatibility. Once you pay for your report, you will receive it instantly and enjoy a seven day trial.


The cost for the Right Man Report is $19.97 after the seven day free trial. There is also a monthly membership to Enlightenment Expert Interviews that you will be charged for if you don't opt-out. The fee for that monthly report is $19.97.


For those looking to the stars for the information on their relationship, Right Man Report takes your compatibility to the next level. This report deals with 15 different levels of compatibility and will answer a lot of questions you might have about your relationship. You can find out if your passion will last a lifetime or some of the things you can do to improve your relationship. You can use this to make your relationship the best it's ever been. Many women have had great results and been a lot happier after having the results from their Right Man Report.

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