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Have the Relationship You Want Review

A dating guide for women that will transform your love life.

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Have the Relationship You Want is an eBook available to guide you through the steps to getting the relationship you've always wanted. This eBook by Rori Raye offers step-by-step guide to transforming your love life overnight. Have the Relationship You Want is a book written for women to guide them and includes an introduction and five keys to getting that special relationship. The keys are to choose relationship, choose to be the masculine or feminine energy partner, support the team, respect the masculine and express the feminine. This book focuses on the fact that with the help of these key elements, you can have what you want in your relationship. Raye offers the advice in this book based on her own personal experience from her marriage. Although she and her husband were disconnected at one point, she was able to turn things around after only two weeks of applying her own principles.

One very positive thing about the advice in this book is that the methods can be applied by you only. You don't have to discuss these things with your husband; you can simply get results by implementing the exercises all by yourself. Unlike couples therapy which requires both parties to participate, these steps only require that you do them. After doing some of the suggested exercises, Raye suggests you can see results as soon as the next day. The offerings within this book are not only for women who already have a special man in their life, they are also for those who are waiting to meet that special man. This book teaches you how to communicate in a new way, how to redesign the dynamics of your marriage and how to tap into feminine energy.


- Book shows women how to reenergize their marriages and relationships
- Author bases advice on personal experience
- See results almost immediately
- Exercises don't require husband's input or participation to be effective
- Offers you the ability to have the relationship you've always wanted
- Only five keys to a successful relationship
- Eliminates negative attitudes
- Teaches accepting your man as is rather than trying hard to change him
- eBook comes with a free seven day trial
- Free one month subscription to Interview with the Experts


- No advice for men wanting to transform their relationships with their wives
- Targets women only


There are no features associated with Have the Relationship You Want other than it being an eBook that you can download immediately.


The cost of this eBook is $19.97. This price includes a free seven day trial. There is also a monthly subscription to Interviews with the Experts that costs $19.97 which you are automatically enrolled in when you download the eBook if you don't choose to opt out. 


Something just about every woman desires is to have the relationship she's always dreamed of. Many have given up hope on finding that type of relationship. With the tips in Have the Relationship You Want, having a great relationship may be easier than you thought. This book offers solid tips that women can start working on immediately and see fast results. One of the best parts of this book is that you can get results without having to attend therapy or even inform your partner of the changes you're making. Having a better relationship could be just a few quick changes away.

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