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Double Your Dating Review

Expert Dating Advice for Men

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Double Your Dating
is an eBook written by David DeAngelo offering information that every man should know about how to be successful with women. The dating game can be difficult if you don't have the right information when trying to meet women. Some men struggle with meeting and attracting all of the wrong women while others might strike out completely. Whatever your situation, you can increase your dates with the information from Double Your Dating. DeAngelo compiles the information he's learned over the years to help men get great results without investing the time that he did. You can use Double Your Dating as an encyclopedia-style reference. You can thumb through it and pick out the parts that offer info that will help you. Some of the things covered include women don't make sense, how I discovered what works with women, how to communicate with women, how to use humor to attract women, where and how to meet women and much more.

One of the elements that will make you successful with women through this book is to think about success with women. You will learn how women think in this section of the book so that you can have better success with them. Although the author acknowledges that all women are unique, he focuses on their commonalities. Many men are baffled by women's behavior which leads to their lack of success in the dating world. Men and women have different interests and different focuses. Having knowledge of what women are interested in and attracted is only going to increase your success with women.


- Information based on years of experience of the author
- Gives men a reference guide to dealing with women
- Explains some of the female behaviors that men don't understand
- Offers easy to understand tips
- Use the parts that you need rather than having to read the whole book
- Covers the differences between women and men
- Encourages self improvement
- Gives the basic things that attract women
- Covers all areas of dating
- Includes a lot of useful information
- Free month of Interview with the Experts


- Targets men only; no advice for women
- No real guarantee that the information will work


There are no features with this eBook. Because it is an eBook, you can download it immediately and read it right away.


The cost of the eBook Double Your Dating is $19.97. This includes three additional bonus books and a free interview with a dating guru. If you don't opt out, you will be charged a monthly fee for a subscription to Interview with the Experts. The monthly fee for that service is $19.97.


Men that want to increase their luck with the ladies have a guide to help them. Double Your Dating offers men a resource to the way women think, react and how to talk to them. These tips can help you appeal to women in ways that you weren't able to before because of the knowledge it will give you. You don't have to strike out anymore. If the results are as real as the book claims you will have no problem finding an abundance of dates.

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