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StudentLove Review

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StudentLove is a dating website made specifically for students in college. This web site offers dating matches from anywhere in the US or worldwide and signing up is free. StudentLove is also one of the internet's few ".edu" verified college dating site. This means that anyone that joins the site must have an email address with .edu at the end of it to prove they are a college student. StudentLove was founded in 2005 and is truly exclusive to college students and alumni. You can easily change your email address after you've registered since many students do not use their school email address. The site keeps a record of the original address you used, but will allow you to do all of your correspondence through the email address of your choice.

Although signing up for the site is free, there appear to be fees involved for various levels of membership. You can browse through various profiles to find someone special through StudentLove. The site allows for several features including the ability to flirt with those you might want to reach out to.


- Restricted to active students and alumni
- Requires a .edu email address in order to register
- Free to sign up
- Search through profiles of members in all states
- Membership available to those in other countries
- Several features available
- Members age and astrological sign shown
- Search for college students from any state


- Must register before gaining access to any of the tools available
- Cannot view site in its entirety without registering first


- Flirt: let other members know you are interested in them
- Email: email other members
- Browse: look through various member profiles
- Member search: enter specifications to find members that meet your criteria


Signing up for StudentLove is completely free. However, gaining access to additional features requires a paid membership. The cost of paid membership is only revealed to those that have memberships.


If you are a college student currently or an alumnus with an email address tying you to a school, then StudentLove is available to help you meet people and possibly find dates. StudentLove is one of the few dating sites on the internet that requires a .edu email address to sign up. StudentLove offers an exclusive pool of members so you can be sure that those you're talking to are actually in college.

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