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College Passions Review

Free Online Dating Site Specifically for College Students

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College Passions is a social networking site that is available for college students. College Passions offers students a place to chat, view personal ads and find dates. When you sign up for College Passions, you have access to free chatting, message boards and email. Once you join you simply choose a screen name and answer some questions about yourself. After that you have access to the site and can search for other members on the site. There are various groups you can join within the site. Initial setup can take a long time due to all the identifying details you have choose from.

College Passions seems like a site that would be exclusive to college students when you consider the title. Once you look into joining the site, you see it is open to people of all ages. There is a video game portion of the web site but it has not been posted yet. Everything on the web site is completely free to users. There are recommended books and the opportunity to post newsletters that might be beneficial to those in the college community.


- Joining and using the site is completely free
- Can be used for friendship or dating
- Forums available as well as chats and blogs
- Search the site for other members
- Searches can be very specific depending on your needs
- Ability to create a blog within College Passions


- Web site design very basic
- Lots of advertisements within web site
- Several elements are not set up yet


- Blog: each member has the opportunity to create their own blog
- Groups: members can join groups based on their personal preferences and interests
- Search: search for other members based on several different criteria
- Chats: everyone is able to communicate in the community forums that are available
- Alerts: members can enable settings that allow them to be alerted when an email is received


All features and benefits of using College Passions are completely free.


Finding love online is nothing new. There are several web sites that allow you to meet people and even find love. College Passions offers several different features and all of them are available to members for free. If you are looking for a site that is exclusive to college students, College Passions is not that. This site is open to all but targets college students as a primary audience. For students on a budget and looking for a social networking site, College Passion might meet your needs. Since the site allows full access for free, you won't find a cheaper option.

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