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Discreet Adventures Review

Maybe monogamy isn't for everyone after all.

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Many attached or married adults find themselves in a slump when it comes to their current relationship. It can be hard to figure out how to meet people when you’re already in a committed relationship. Most people shy away from getting into a relationship with someone they know is already involved, but some people look for just that kind of relationship. is a site that offers a way for attached women and men to find discreet romantic affairs. Discreet Adventures is free to join and offers personal ads from members all over the world. Discreet Adventures promises the utmost in privacy for your personal protection. Discreet Adventures also assures that they only communicate with subscribers through email and will never send anything to your home or office. With their discreet match finder email notification service, you can find the relationship you’re looking for in no time, even when your current commitment isn't working.

- Joining is free
- Will never send material to your home or office
- Free match finder email notification
- Features available for you to let other members know you’re interested in them
- Rules and code of conduct enforced when using the site
- Refunds available if you change your mind
- All profiles are censored and must be approved when created and modified

- Uprgraded membership pricing not available before signing up
- Must be a member to search profiles
- Somewhat detailed info required to create membership

- Match Finder service – emails members to notify them of new members that join that fit their previously selected criteria
- Instant messaging – allows members to contact and chat with each other in real time
- Send A Message – internal email system of Discreet Adventures that never displays your personal email address
- Kiss – send a kiss to members you’re interested in to inform them you want to get to know them better

- No cost information given prior to signing up for service
- No testimonials offered to prove the privacy and discreetness of the site

The truth is there are many people engaging in and actively looking for a discreet extramarital relationship or affair all the time. Discreet Adventures just makes it easier for you to find someone that is looking for the same things you are looking for. Although singles are allowed to use Discreet Adventures, the site is mostly made up of members that are in an attached and committed relationship. Chances are if you’re looking for a discreet relationship, you want someone that can understand what you’ve got to lose. You also want someone that can be trusted with your private information. Discreet Adventures wants to be your partner in finding that special relationship. Join the site for free and take it for a quick drive. Discreet Adventures can help you find the Adventure that you’ve been looking for to get you out of the relationship lag.

Common Misspellings
Discret Adventures, Discreat Adventures, Discreet Adventure, Discreet Aventure

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Review Comments

ophelia:  sounds too good to be true, can I really find a partner with no strings attached? has any one tried this site? i'm dying to know if the discreet claims are true enough to try this

quincy7391:  give it a try and see what you find. you'd be surprised how many members are on this site looking for relationships

Gary Jones:  I think it is a waste of time there is'nt anybody on this site and not from your city

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